Smarthotel places a strong emphasis on the environment, and all our hotels are environmentally certified. We actively work on sustainability and development, implementing methods at every level to reduce our carbon footprint. Smarthotel addresses environmental aspects such as workplace environment, waste sorting, energy consumption, procurement, and transportation. 



Eco-lighthouse is Norways most widely used certification scheme for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility. We are proud to be Eco-lighthouse certified. Being Eco-lighthouse involves systematic work with environmental measures in everyday life. Our hotels meet criteria and implement measures within the working environment, energy, transport and organic food.




Smarthotel`s employees are a committed bunch who, through various campaigns, contribute to support good causes. We are proud to give our support to the Hospital clowns. Although Norwegian hospitals maintain a high professional level, the Hospital clowns can contribute something important. They can ignite the spark of life, increase self-confidence and bring out the childrens healthy energies. The effect of laughter, play and wonder can mobilize unimaginable forces in their small bodies. A clown meeting can be a breather for parents when they see their children enjoying themselves. Read more at




We take pride in having apprentices at all our hotels. These apprentices bring valuable skills and contribute to the development of our companies. Smarthotel has had positive experiences in recruiting skilled apprentices after their training period, enabling them to thrive and advance in diverse roles within the hotels. We see this as a crucial aspect of our social responsibility, providing young individuals and adults with the chance to undergo vocational education and ensuring the industry's access to skilled expertise. If you're interested in an apprenticeship, please don't hesitate to contact us.



NORES serves as our procurement organization, and every member is actively involved in sustainable initiatives. We mandate that all suppliers and subcontractors maintain an active environmental profile and adhere to an environmental action plan. Our environmental profile at Nores encompasses ongoing endeavors to minimize waste, air pollution, energy consumption, and water usage. Notably, Nores holds certification as a "Eco lighthouse," an official Norwegian eco-certification that recognizes businesses committed to sustainable practices.