All Smarthotels are certified by Ecolighthouse. We are committed to playing an active role to continually improve the condition of our environment. We have implemented working methods at all levels to reduce our climate footprint. Smarthotel takes care of environmental aspect such as working environment, waste sorting, energy consumption, purchase and transport. A visible sign of this is the reuse of furniture and art. Smarthotel wants to contribute as part of a growing, national green movement.



Eco-lighthouse is Norways most widely used certification scheme for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility. We are proud to be Eco-lighthouse certified. Being Eco-lighthouse involves systematic work with environmental measures in everyday life. Our hotels meet criteria and implement measures within the working environment, energy, transport and organic food.




Smarthotel has chosen the Rainforest Foundation as its CSR partner for the past two years. Smarthotel`s employees are a committed group who through various campaigns have helped to raise funds to protect our common home - the planet.  We are proud to contribute to the Rainforest Foundations important work for climate and sustainability in one of the planets most important areas. In the Amazon, the rainforest is being destroyed mainly due to agriculture and cattle farming, oil and gas extraction, mining and various infrastructure projects. The Rainforest Foundation works for comprehensive protection and management of several different types of protected areas across national borders in the region, at the same time as they are driving force for the creation of new indigenous territories. Read more at www.rainforestfoundation.org




Smarthotel is an approved apprentice company. We are very proud to have apprentices in all our hotels. Apprenticeship can be an incredible way to launch a career, but it also contributes to recruit skilled competence to the industry. We see this as part of social responsibility to give young people and adults the opportunity to complete their education.



Nores is our purchasing organization and all Nores members work continuously with sustainability measures. Nores requires that all suppliers and subcontractors have an active environmental profile and an action program for the environment. Norway's environmental profile involves, among other things, ongoing work to reduce the amount of waste, air pollution, energy and water consumption. Nores is Eco-Lighthouse certified.